Monthly Archives: July 2010

Geomagic software

Jul 29, 2010 |

We anounce full reverse Geomagic software FlexLm licensing scheme. Full/any feature license regeneration for Geomagic products is possible.Successfully tested versions is Geomagic Studio 12 and 12.01 hotfix, Geomagic Qualify 12 and 12.02 Hotfix – 32 & 64 bit versions. More info about Geomagic Studio 12 and Geomagic Qualify 12. For info contact at rceguru(at)googlemail(dot)com

RUNET software

Jul 23, 2010 |

RUNET software structural engineering software protection reversed by our member. Full feature , unlimited license regeneration possible. All RUNET products tested and confirmed working Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.BETONexpress Concrete structures with Eurocode 2.WOODexpress Timber structures with Eurocode 5.FRAME2Dexpress 2-D static and dynamic analysis.FEDRA Masonry Buildings according to Eurocode 6.cgFLOAT Design of floating […more]

PerfectProof Proofmaster

Jul 15, 2010 |

We proudly anounce break of new ProofMaster version 4 protection scheme.Full feature, any products, any number of modules, offline license regeneration is possible. Tested and confirmed versions (Windows):PrintFactory 4.0.3 (build 3601)ProofMaster 4.0.3 (build 3601)ProofMaster Certify 4.0.3 (build 3601) Pore info about products:ProofMaster PlusProofMaster CertifyPrintFactory As always contact us for more details and info – rceguru(at)googlemail(dot)com. […more]

Matrix Software MatrixFrame

Jul 6, 2010 |

Matrix Software MatrixFrame 4.30 structural software protection is fully reversed. Version 4.21 and version 4.30 all modules enabled dongle emulator is successfully tested. For info contact at rceguru(at)googlemail(dot)com

VAN DE WIELE WE@VELINK version 9 (2010)

Jul 4, 2010 |

VAN DE WIELE WE@VELINK 9 (new 2010) protection is fully reversed by our team. More info about products at:We@velink CAD/CAM masterWe@velink Network systemWe@velink Planning systemWe@velink Production monitoring (BI) All/selectable modules, all protection types (H, K, M, W) supported by our solution.Old version – WE@VELINK 7, WE@VELINK 8 supported too. As always contact us for more […more]