Monthly Archives: August 2010

ColorBurst RIP

Aug 31, 2010 |

We analyse in deep protection scheme used in ColorBurst RIP products. Full solution is available at request. Any ColorBurst product, any OEM version, any program level (X-Photo, X-Proof, X-Proof Plus, ColorBurst Pro, ColorBurst PrePress, ColorBurst ProLab), any printer model is supported. Upgrading and adaptation of real dongles is supported too. We succesfully test last version […more]

Strand7 (Straus7) FEA Software

Aug 30, 2010 |

Strand7 – Finite Element Analysis FEA Software protection – dongle & licensing scheme is known to us. Full feature, all/selectable modules license regeneration is possible.License regeneration for real dongles is also possible. Tested newly anounced Strand7 2.4.2 version (old versions – Strand7 2.3.6, Strand7 2.3.8, Strand7 2.4 beta, Strand7 2.4.1, Strand7 2.4.1 patch 1).This software […more]


Aug 30, 2010 |

SPACE GASS – Structural engineering software licensing scheme is fully reversed. Full feature, all modules license regeneration is possible. Tested last SPACE GASS 10.81b version (also tested some old versions SPACE GASS 10.6x, SPACE GASS 10.7x). For info contact at rceguru(at)googlemail(dot)com

Perfectproof Proofmaster MAC version

Aug 30, 2010 |

We get confirmation of fully working MACOS version of ProofMaster version 4 tester.Full feature, any products, any number of modules, printers, offline license regeneration om MACOS is possible. Tested and confirmed versions (MACOS and Windows):PrintFactory 4.0.3 (build 3606)ProofMaster 4.0.3 (build 3606)ProofMaster Certify 4.0.3 (build 3606) Pore info about products:ProofMaster PlusProofMaster CertifyPrintFactory As always contact us […more]

Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite

Aug 3, 2010 |

Due to some user interest we anounce availability of Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite 6.3.Software protection is fully reversed, and full/any/unlimited module license regeneration possible (no poor crack/patch methods used). 100% tested and verified program version numbers:Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite v6.3.0.3903 (last from July 2, 2010),Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite v6.1.4.3059Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite v6.2.0.3348Any other (user supplyed) version is possible […more]