Monthly Archives: February 2015

Photometrix Software

Feb 27, 2015 |

Photometrix Software offers specialist systems and consulting services in digital close-range photogrammetric measurement. All Photometrix Software is compatible with our KEYLOK dongle emulator. Australis is automatic close-range photogrammetric 3D coordinate measurement software for both industrial & engineering metrology, and for highest-accuracy metric calibration of digital cameras, including multi-camera clusters.iWitness V3 an inexpensive photogrammetric measurement system […more]

Mintec MineSight 9

Feb 22, 2015 |

MineSight is comprehensive modeling and mine planning software platform, offering integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and production.Mintec MineSight software is compatible with our Sentinel HASP SRM/Sentinel HL dongle emulator and custom license. Tested products with Sentinel HASP SRM/Sentinel HL dongle emulator and custom license:Mintec MineSight 9.50 (32-bit) Mintec MineSight 9.50 (64-bit)  More info […more]

Matrix Dongle USB dongle dumper v.1.0

Feb 18, 2015 |

Matrix Dongle USB dongle dumper version 1.0 available for download.Dumper can be used to backup these dongle types. For more info check included readme.txt and history.txt files. DOWNLOAD:RTmtxDumperGUI v.1.0 (~1,5 MB) SHA1: d7bcc47e73f1424920418b775db484bf148499bd *RTmtxDumperGUI.exe Any questions and comments forward to rceguru(at)gmail(dot)com.