FIDES DV-Partner Software

Jan 16, 2015 |

FIDES DV-Partner are two German system vendors based in Berlin and Munich (M√ľnchen). With experience resulting from more than 30 years providing services for civil engineering we comprehend the mission of FIDES today as a partner for structural designers, constructing engineers and architects applying high quality software.FIDES-DV software is tested with Wibu Codemeter dongle emulator […more]


Oct 13, 2014 |

VAN DE WIELE WE@VELINK V12 is modular network system which makes possible to control the weaving machines from a central planning office. WE@VELINK V12 is tested with WIBU Codemeter dongle emulator and custom license. Tested products at:We@velink CAD/CAM master V12We@velink Network system V12We@velink Planning system V12 More info about VAN DE WIELE WE@VELINK V12. As […more]

VAN DE WIELE WE@VELINK version 9 (2010)

Jul 4, 2010 |

VAN DE WIELE WE@VELINK 9 (new 2010) protection is fully reversed by our team. More info about products at:We@velink CAD/CAM masterWe@velink Network systemWe@velink Planning systemWe@velink Production monitoring (BI) All/selectable modules, all protection types (H, K, M, W) supported by our solution.Old version – WE@VELINK 7, WE@VELINK 8 supported too. As always contact us for more […more]