Fujifilm Workflow XMF

Dec 8, 2014 |

Fujifilm Workflow XMF is the revolutionary new print workflow solution from Fujifilm. It integrates the latest Adobe technology APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine) and JDF compliant. It provides intelligent automation, flow and colour control, flexibility and improved communication. Product include XMF Complete, XMF Producer and XMF Prepare.Fujifilm Workflow XMF software is compatible with our Sentinel […more]

New software backups January 2014

Jan 27, 2014 |

FARO Software Tested with Sentinel HASP emulator. FARO CAM2 Measure 10 Software ColorBurst Tested with Sentinel HASP emulator. ColorBurst XR 10 ColorBurst CTP 10 ColorBurst Pro 10.6 ColorBurst Pro 10.6 GS6000 ColorBurst Overdrive 1.6 ColorBurst Overdrive SureLab 1.6 ColorBurst XR for Vutek (HS 100 Pro) Geomagic Tested with custom FlexLM license. Geomagic Studio Geomagic Design […more]

Alwan Color Expertise Software

Jan 27, 2014 |

Alwan Color Expertise software is compatible with our Sentinel HASP emulator.Alwan CMYK Optimizer X is a powerful PDF color Server based on Dynamic DeviceLinks Profiles. CMYK Optimizer X standardizes color data for the graphic industry, preflights and optimizesPDF files.Alwan Print Standardizer is the automated and reliable Print Standardization solution for ISO 12467 or G7® conformance. […more]

Founder Prepress Packaging Software

Jun 2, 2013 |

Founder Prepress Packaging Software dongle backup is created. Sentinel HASP protection is compatible with our Sentinel HASP SRM emulator.Founder PaSharp and Founder PhotoPack with all submodules dongle emulator is produced. Last tested Founder Prepress Packaging products (Windows).Founder PaSharp family:PaSharp V4.30.53 Build No: 4153PaSharp V4.30.63 Build No: 4282PaSharp V4.30.97 Build No: 5610PaSharp V5.00.74 Build No: 5971PaSharp […more]