Sentinel LM/RMS

BAE Systems GXP Software

Jan 30, 2015 |

BAE Systems GXP develops industry-leading geospatial-intelligence software for data management, image exploitation, geospatial production, and intelligence reporting..BAE Systems GXP software is tested with custom license. Tested products custom license:SOCET GXP v4.1GXP Xplorer v2.1 More info and download at: GXP Support site Contact us for more details and info – rceguru(at)gmail(dot)com.

Gerber Technology Software

Feb 19, 2014 |

Gerber Technology provides sophisticated CAD, spreading, cutting and peripheral systems to apparel, aerospace, composites, furniture, technical textiles and transportation interiors manufacturers. Software compatible with our Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro dongle emulator and custom license. AccuMark Family DVD Release AccuMark, AccuNest, AccuScan, MTM, and GERBERPlanner. GERBERcutter Software V2.0.1 (Axis Software )Version release for Paragon cutters. Cutter […more]

CSC Structural software 2013

Jun 11, 2013 |

CSC (CSCWORD) Structural software 2013 software products protection is compatible with our tools.Dongle emulator and custom activation is tested. Tested products:CSC Fastrak 15 (all modules, all levels).CSC Orion 18 (all modules, all levels).CSC TEDSS 2013 (all modules, all levels). Downloads and more info available at CSC Downloads For info contact at rceguru(at)gmail(dot)com

Synopsys Software – Optical Research Associate (ORA)

Apr 1, 2012 |

Synopsys’ Optical Solutions Group, formerly Optical Research Associate (ORA) software is compatible with our dongle emulation tools. CODE V is used to model, analyze, optimize, and provide fabrication support for the development of optical systems for diverse applications.LightTools is a 3D optical engineering and design software product that supports virtual prototyping, simulation, optimization, and photorealistic […more]

Softbits Consultants Flaresim

Jun 29, 2011 |

Sentinel SDK 8.4 based Softbits Consultants Flaresim 3.04 is successfully tested with our solutions.Protection is recovered for Flaresim 3.x product. More info and downloads about Softbits Consultants Flaresim 3.04. Contact us for more details and info – rceguru(at)googlemail(dot)com.

Vero Visi CAD CAM Software

Mar 2, 2011 |

We recover protection used in Vero VISI CAD CAM Software.Full, all submodules, standalone and/or network, any capacity, multilanguage license regeneration is possible.Adaptation and upgrade of real dongles (Deskey) is possible too. Successfully tested products, and confirmed fully working (CAM, Post, etc.) is:Vero Visi 17.0 DVD ReleaseVero Visi Visi Vero Visi 18.0 DVD ReleaseVero […more]

Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite

Aug 3, 2010 |

Due to some user interest we anounce availability of Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite 6.3.Software protection is fully reversed, and full/any/unlimited module license regeneration possible (no poor crack/patch methods used). 100% tested and verified program version numbers:Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite v6.3.0.3903 (last from July 2, 2010),Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite v6.1.4.3059Chemstation CHEMCAD Suite v6.2.0.3348Any other (user supplyed) version is possible […more]

Pentalogix Software

Jun 20, 2010 |

Pentalogix software products protection fully reversed. Full feature license regeneration possible. Some tested products (2010):Pentalogix CAMMaster 11.0.xPentalogix CAMMaster Designer 11.0.xPentalogix FixMaster 9.xPentalogix ProbeMaster 9.xPentalogix RoutMaster 9.xPentalogix ViewMate Deluxe 11.0.xPentalogix ViewMate Pro 11.0.x Old version supported too. As always contact us for more details and info – rceguru(at)googlemail(dot)com.