Aladdin Hardlock

Dongle : Aladdin Hardlock
Known VID / PID : Vendor: 0x529 Product: 0x1 Device: 0x100
Vendor : SafeNet
Driver : Safenet Sentinel Downloads
Features : LPT & USB Dongles
Multiplatform dongle
Unique 32-Bit ID (for USB)
128 bytes memory
Remote Update
Description : Aladdin Hardlock dongles is well researched and internal Hardlock algorithms is known. For access the Hardlock key need to know one MODAD. MODAD can be easily extracted from Protected files or from USBTrace log. Bruteforce MODAD possible too.
For Hardlocks with Remote Update Service (RUS) licenses is possible change RUS serial number, enable/disable slot(s), increase licenses for slot(s), remove expiration date.
Hardlock envelope can be removed without access to original dongle.
Dongle emulator : Universal solution for this dongle available by request
For create backup / emulator need : Dongle dump (Universal Sentinel HL / HASP SRM/4/HL/Hardlock Dumper)

Software distributive / setup files (upload to MEGA or Dropbox or MediaFire)

Software tested with Aladdin Hardlock dongle emulator :
Booria CAD/CAM SystemsBooria Carpet DesignerRequest Backup Now!
DC-Software Doster & Christmann GmbHDC-Foundation
Request Backup Now!
Request Backup Now!
PCDC RAPT SoftwareRAPT Software version 6.4
RAPT Software version
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Synopsys RsoftRSoft Component Suite 2013.12.2 Win
RSoft CAD Environment, BeamPROP, FullWAVE,
BandSOLVE, ModePROP, DiffractMOD, GratingMOD,
FemSIM, LaserMOD, MOST, LED Utility, Solar Cell Utility,
Multi-Physics Utility, Tapered Laser Utility,
RSoft MetroWAND 2013.12.2
RSoft System Suite 2013.12.1 Win
OptSim, ModeSYS
RSoft Component Suite 2014.09 Win
RSoft MetroWAND 2014.09
RSoft System Suite 2014.09 Win
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Last updated : Apr 21, 2015 @ 6:13 pm