Feitian Rockey 2 / SecureMetric SecureDongle X

Dongle : Feitian Rockey 2 / SecureMetric SecureDongle X
Known VID / PID : Vendor: 0x96E Product: 0x201 Device: 0x10F
Vendor: 0x96E Product: 0x201 Device: 0x111
Vendor : FEITIAN Technologies Co., Ltd
SecureMetric Technology
Driver : USB HID (Human Interface Device) (no need drivers)
Features : USB Dongles
Multiplatform dongle
Memory Capacity 5 x 512 bytes (2560 bytes)
Unique Hardware ID
Unique UID (Password to access dongle, changeable by developer)
Description : Cheap dongles with large memory. Support Read and Write functions.
SecureDongle X API support 2048-bit RSA encryption, however is not hardware based.
Dongle emulator : Custom solution for this dongle available by request
For create backup / emulator need : Dongle dump (Rockey 2 / SecureDongle X dongle dumper)

USBTrace logs (How to make USBTrace log for protection dongles)

Software distributive / setup files (upload to MEGA or Dropbox or MediaFire)

Software tested with Feitian Rockey 2 / SecureMetric SecureDongle X emulator :
Advanced Tubular Technologies, Inc.VTube-STEP
CNC Bender
Request Backup Now!
ANU Information Technologies Pvt LtdAnu Graphic Anu FontsRequest Backup Now!
Blackmagic Design Pty. Ltd.DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5Request Backup Now!
CiberCATCiberCAT CiberPrint v.7.1
RIP CiberPrint 7.1
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LMI Technologies Inc.FlexScan3D
FlexScan3D v3.3.3.246
FlexScan3D v3.3.2.212
FlexScan3D v3.3.0.140
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Inèdit Software S.L.Inedit Software neoStampa v.7.1Request Backup Now!
MasteritecMasteritec Accounting SoftwareRequest Backup Now!
Digital Ferrania GraficaOptiJetRIP v.7.1Request Backup Now!
Seeget RIP SoftwareSeeget RIP SoftwareRequest Backup Now!
Signmax enterprise inc.WinPCSIGN PRO 2014Request Backup Now!

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