Known VID / PID : Vendor: 0x7F2 Product: 0x1 Device: 0x1
Vendor : Microcomputer Applications, Inc. (MAI)
Driver : KEYLOK Drivers
Features : LPT & Serial & USB Dongles
Multiplatform dongle
Memory 112 bytes user memory
Description : KEYLOK II key is well researched dongle.
Dongle access via 3 Validate codes. Authentication via 2 Client codes.
Dongle read via 3 Read codes. Dongle write via 3 Write codes
Client, Read and Write codes depends on Validate codes.
Validate codes depends on 2 Master codes.
All internal algorithms KEYLOK II is known.
Dongle emulator creation possible without access to dongle.
Dongle emulator : Universal solution for this dongle available by request
For create backup / emulator need :

USBTrace logs (How to make USBTrace log for protection dongles)

Software distributive / setup files (upload to MEGA or Dropbox or MediaFire)

Software tested with KEYLOK 2 (KEYLOK II) dongle emulator :
Aberlink Ltd.Aberlink 3DRequest Backup Now!
AFT Learning Tools, Inc.ClerkOne Study Program v8.0Request Backup Now!
ConEst Software Systems.ConEst IntelliBid Pro
ConEst IntelliBid Design Build
ConEst SureCount
Request Backup Now!
FastEST, Inc. SoftwareFastPIPE® - Mechanical Estimating Software
FastDUCT® - HVAC Estimating Software
FastWRAP™ - Insulation Estimating Software
Request Backup Now!
FireByWire® MLE PyrotechnicsFireByWire® by MLE PyrotechnicsRequest Backup Now!
Full Swing Golf.Full Swing Golf E6 1.6Request Backup Now!
General CADD Products, Inc.General CADD Pro Version 12.1Request Backup Now!
Lending Pro - Loan SoftwareLending Pro - Loan SoftwareRequest Backup Now!
Noble ERP SystemNoble ERP SystemRequest Backup Now!
Photometrix SoftwareiWitness 3.5
iWitnessPRO 3.5
iWitnessPRO-Agilis 3.5
Australis 7.80
Australis 8.0
CameraCalibrator 1.51
Request Backup Now!
SNAP Imaging SystemsSNAP Cosmetic Simulator 4Request Backup Now!
TechNova Imaging SystemsTechNova PoliRIPRequest Backup Now!
TruGolf Inc,E6Golf, v.1.5 with all courses.
E6Golf, v.1.6 with all courses.
Request Backup Now!

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