SG-Lock Dongle

Dongle : SG-Lock Dongle
Known VID / PID : Vendor: 0x1547 Product: 0x1000 Device: 0x1
Vendor : SG Intec Ltd & Co. KG
Driver : USB HID (Human Interface Device) (Driverless)
Features : USB Dongles
Memory up to 1024 bytes
Unique Serial Number
Up to 64 32-Bit-Counters
TEA Encryption Algorithm
Up to 16 free writable 128-Bit-Keys
Description : Dongle models: SG-Lock U2 / SG-Lock U3 / SG-Lock U4
Different types SG-Lock works same features with different memory size, counters and encryptions keys.
Dongle access is via dynamic library and HID driver. SG-Lock Dongle authentication algorithm is known.
Dongle emulator : Custom solution for this dongle available by request
For create backup / emulator need : Dongle dump

USBTrace logs (How to make USBTrace log for protection dongles)

Software distributive / setup files (upload to MEGA or Dropbox or MediaFire)

Software tested with SG-Lock Dongle dongle emulator :
CoupleFilCoupleFil Version 1.3Request Backup Now!
Creative Golf 3DCreative Golf 3D for Foresight 2.1Request Backup Now!
Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni SpecialiPSY4s v.4.6.1 it
PSY4s v.4.7.1 it
PSY4s v.4.8.1 it
Giunti O.S. PsySystem v4it
Request Backup Now!
Mewes & Partner GmbHWinMOD V7.2Request Backup Now!
O.S. BulgariaOS Bulgaria PsySystem v4.1bgRequest Backup Now!
ProgeaMovicon ™ 11.4
Movicon ™ 11.4 Runtime
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Last updated : Sep 9, 2016 @ 5:32 am