FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Pricing and payment:

How much is the cost of your services, do you have price list?
Reverse engineering solution price is quite reasonable and justifies your expenses for this. After you send your request we will review it and inform you final price and time for complete solution. We don’t have fixed prices for our services so any reasonable offer can be negotiated.

Price you offer is high for my budget. Any discount?
We always give discount in case there are no delays with payment.
We always give discount for returning customers.

I can buy a program officially for the price you’ve asked!
Sometimes it is possible. The price of the reversing solution is calculated according to the volume of work which is needed for its creation. Please note we make unique personalized solution for your needs and it take time, efforts and has reasonable cost.

I got very cheap price for dongle emulator / solution from other places…
OK, first pay attention that maybe this is a fake or you might be provided with a fake screenshots or dealing with a reseller. There are a lot of cheap resellers on the internet and they sell expensive programs illegally with low prices. We recommend to never paying in advance. We do professional service and we want you to be professional in your payment.

I got dongle emulator / solution from www.xxx.xxx/xxx@xxx.xxx, however file marked with your datas (RENGTEAM/rceguru)…
Very possible someone resell you our works (man in the middle re sellers). Sorry, we cant control such things. Your solution will work OK in most cases, but we not support such works. Any problems, comments, complains you should forward to people you pay and talk.
In such case we not guarantee privacy of your data, because actually it is in yours re-sellers hand.

How can I pay for the solution?
If you decided to purchase the full solution, you can easily make the payment through
Western Union
and once we confirm your payment, we will send you your full solution within an few hours.

I cant pay with methods listed above.
Any payment system can be discussed.

Reversing solution creation:

What should I do to order a reversing solution?
To place an order you need to fill our Order form or write e-mail to support@rengteam.com / rceguru@gmail.com with your requirements. Important is the name of software, brand of the dongle protection (if you know), is it accessible or not, how fast you expect to get solution.

I have 3 software’s XXX, YYY, ZZZ. Can you make solution for all?
Possible yes. But we work only 1 (one) active project per user. Once we close your active project (in case with success solution need clear payment) we switch to your next project.

My dongle is lost/broken/stolen. My license is lost/deleted. What should I do?
Send us your software distributive and we try to make solution. Usually it takes about two weeks to remove the protection completely, but sometimes it can take much more/less time. Recovery process is not guaranteed. If we succeed recovery – you test limited version of the solution and if it works you send agreed amount of money and then receive the full version of the solution.

I want hardware dongle copy, not an emulator. Can you make?
We not make hardware duplicates. We offer software replacement (emulator) only.

I test your trial and everything is OK. What now?
If everything is OK, you pay agreed money and get full unlimited solution.

Why should I pay for your service, when you provide me trial solution?
Trial usually has some limits. Dongle emulators work for 10-20 minutes and expire after some time of usage. The program will shut down after this period and you have to restart your computer to resume usage. Other solutions have different limits too.

Why you sent me ‘your program name’ video / screen captures? Is that your trial?
We did this because you were lost your dongle or program. We sorry but we cheated alot at this way. Many person ordered our service and get trial, after this disappeared and wasted our time. This is the main reason we not provide real trial for all the customers. Also we not provide trials for popular software which is already tested and know works 100% (is only waste of time).


How should I trust your team and what is the guarantee of your service?
RENGTEAM is well known and trustworthy reversing team. For the peace of your mind we will provide you with a trial solution. Try before you buy is our basic principle when working. All our solutions is perfectly crafted, easy to use and safe for customer. For privacy reasons we not want public positive feedback from our customers. Negative feedback you can’t find on whole internet. 🙂

I have some concerns sending my dongle data and software distributive.
You shouldn’t worry. We respect our customers privacy. All work we do is created on protected offline virtual environment. Your private data will not be given to any other person and after solution is created, it will be deleted (usually on 3 months periods we wipe user datas). We are not software collectors.

After i send my data and software distributive it appears on your site lists?
This possible. Info is published with information purposes only. Software name on our site NOT mean we distribute or resell your data. As we write before – WE NEVER, IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES NOT BREAK YOU PRIVACY. BE CALM!!!

Your solution stops working?
If you find out after payment is done that solution we’ve done for you isn’t working properly, we’ll trying to fix the problem and if there’s nothing we can do within 2 weeks, we return your money including cost of sending.

Your solution works, but my software version updated and it stops working?
Solution we create is made and tested on a specific version of the protected software.
We not guarantee is work with updated and new versions your software .
Sometimes updates possible works and this is good for you. Sometimes not works – this is risk you take.

Dongle emulation:

Is dongle emulator legal???
It depends on your usage. According to Law in many countries you have the right to have one (or more) backup copies. However we are not responsible for illegal usage of backup copies by our customers.

What is dongle dump or log?
Dongle dump is a file contains dongle memory. Log is file contains communication your program with dongle. According to your dongle type, we send you a special dump, log tool with instructions how to use. You shouldn’t worry, we don’t spread dumps/logs and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed.

How do you safely read a dongle?
All our dumpers and tools are based on official dongle SDKs. Their run and usage is 100% safe for your dongle and your PC.

How can I give you the program distributive (installation files)?
We prefer to deal with full distributive of software. For transfer can use our FTP or user chosen file sharing service (upload to MEGA or Dropbox or MediaFire). You shouldn’t worry, we don’t spread software and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed.

If you can make emulator without access dongle, why you can’t make it for me?
We can’t make dongle emulator for ALL types and brands of protection without accessing to dongle or license file. It is possible only for some type of protections.

Is it possible to emulate two or more dongles simultaneously?
Yes, is possible. Dongle emulator can handle any quantity of dongles without any limitation.

Is it possible to use emulator and real dongle simultaneously?
Yes, is possible. Dongle emulator not interferes with any other dongles in your system.

Which operating systems supported for dongle emulator?
We support all major Windows OS systems including:
Desktop OS (x86 and x64):
Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Server OS:
Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
If your software has some limitations or OS requirements we will inform you about this.

For some solutions we support MAC OS X and Linux OS too.

X64 OS supported?
Yes. X64 code is supported.
For dongle emulators based on drivers you should know starting with 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, all Windows driver code must have digital signature. For obvious reasons we cant get certificate for signing our drivers. This reason for X64 install is used special mode Windows named Test Mode. Test Mode allow load test-signed drivers to Windows OS.
Your emulator package include all need info and tools for turn Test Mode on and use your emulator.
More info you can find in our Knowledge base -> How to disable driver signature enforcement (Enable Windows Test Mode) on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 x64 bit


I placed an order and/or send you an e-mail, but do not receive any answer. What is problem?
If you have not received a response to your request e-mail within 3 days, possible reasons is we not get it or your answer is in your spam box. Check it and resend your request.

I have question not covered by this FAQ?
Write e-mail to support@rengteam.com / rceguru@gmail.com and ask your question.

Last updated : Sep 16, 2016 @ 8:38 am